Useful Links

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, the chances are you will turn to the internet for more information. I personally found it an absolute minefield and this can become overwhelming at times, especially if what you are reading is depressing statistics and “facts”.

However, there are some amazing websites out there which will encourage you and give you hope. Take it from me, stick to these. I am now 7 months on from my cancer diagnosis and I have learnt so much about the disease itself, as well as ways to support both physical and emotional health, whether you are having conventional treatment or taking a more natural approach….or both!

To make it easier for you, I have listed below sites that I have come across and found most informative or helpful. I will update these regularly as I’m still learning all the time as will you. All of the websites listed have social media pages too.

There are many social media groups and pages you can also join or follow but I will post about these separately.

Chris Beat Cancer

You may already be aware of this inspiring man, but if not, I highly recommend you visit his website. Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer back in 2003 and after surgery, refused chemotherapy, prefering to use nutrition and natural therapies. Chris is clearly dedicated to using his knowledge and experience to help others and he also offers a course, Square 1, which i encourage you to sign up to. Whenever i’m beginning to let fear creep in THIS is where i head to and it always helps me to refocus in a more positive mindset.


AMMF is the only Cholangiocarcinoma charity in the UK and it is packed full of information specific to this cancer, including information about the cancer itself, available treatments, the latest research and much more. There is also a forum so you can connect with others going through the same diagnosis as yourself or for a loved one you may be supporting.

How To Starve Cancer

Jane McLelland is a Stage 4 cancer survivor and shares her experience and knowledge to help others. Jane used “off label” drugs to help her beat cancer as well as omitting certain foods to “starve” her body of cancer. Many people have followed Jane’s protocol with great success and there is also an online course you can sign up to.

The Radical Remission Project

When you are feeling desperate and need hope…head on over to this site. Packed full of stories from survivors who beat all the odds, you will also find access to an online course based on Kelly Turner PhD bestseller, Radical Remissions.

Eat To Beat

If you are interested in nutrition and how food can heal the body, head over here. Dr William W Li MD, author of the best selling book of the same name  co-founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation offers a wealth of knowledge. It blew my mind and refer to this site often. If you are unsure of what foods to eat (and why) there are also plenty of recipes to get you started.