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If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with bile duct cancer, you have or are coping with feelings of stress and fear. Stress has been linked to not only the development of cancer but also the progression. It’s all too complicated for me to give an explanation that won’t end up making you feel confused so below I have added a link to a page on a favourite website of mine; CANCERactive, that gives an informative but clear overview plus links to other, relevant pages.

When I became aware of the importance of stress reduction when living with cancer and how beneficial meditation can be, I have to admit, I had an inward groan. I have sporadically attempted meditation in the past, and honestly, I really struggled with it. I’m a naturally restless and fidgety person both physically and mentally. Having to sit or lay still for even 10 minutes while I was instructed to breathe and relax was near impossible with all chatter in my head. The odd times I did manage it, I just couldn’t focus on anything other than the stress of that day or the day to come.

However, after learning the impact stress has on the body, I knew I had to get over this and give it another go. Initially, I started with 5 – 10 minute meditations that would help relax me enough to sleep, as I suffered terribly from insomnia. It took a few attempts, but I soon noticed a big improvement in not only the quality of my sleep but also my mental clarity the following day. Now I do a minimum of 30 minutes as a way of unwinding, letting go of any stress and/or fear. I never thought I would be saying this, but I can’t imagine NOT meditating. In fact, it has led to me looking into the mind in much more detail which has been truly enlightening.

My advice if you are new to this, is to take time trying out various meditations by different people. Don’t be put off by the first couple you try. There are meditations for all areas of health and healing, and many are specifically tailored for people living with cancer.

I decided to add this page so there was an area to share meditations I have found really helpful. They may not be your cup of tea BUT they may point you towards finding those that do work for you. There are also plenty of apps to download, such as Calm and Headspace. I recently subscribed to Hay House and Gaia, both of which I’ve found really helpful, as they have cover many areas. Below though, I have just listed those from YouTube.

There are so many areas of your cancer journey that meditation can target and help. I won’t talk about how I use meditation right now, but it has become such a huge part of my life and I genuinely feel so much calmer and have learnt valuable tools to help me navigate this life-changing diagnosis and all the obstacles and set backs that go with it.

I would love to know about any meditations or hypnosis programmes you have found helpful and think would be useful to others.

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