About Megan

Here is a little bit about me and why i decided to start this blog….

As it says above, i’m Megan, raised in a small village South of Cambridge 45 years ago.

18 years ago we packed up and made a trip up the A1 to the beautiful county of Yorkshire and have i no intention of leaving, which is probably just as well as i couldn’t afford to move back down South even if i wanted to πŸ˜‰

I am partner (he hasn’t put a ring on it yet..) to Richard (Miller fanatic and teller of inappropriate jokes)

I am blessed to be mother to 3 incredible children and if that wasn’t enough, step-mum to 2 wonderful girls. *More about them and the love and strength they have all shown in one of my blog posts

So that’s a brief insight into my background, now…..

Why this blog?

On the 4th August this year (“this year” being 2020) I was diagnosed with inoperable, Stage 3 Bile Duct Cancer, also known as Cholangiocarcinoma.

I cannot put into words how it feels to be told you have cancer and if i’m being honest, for the rest of that dreadful day, i felt nothing….I guess shock does that to you.

As the shock subsided, fear arrived in spades. What followed was days of furious Google searches into this disease, all of which made for dismal and depressing reading.

Bile duct cancer is a rare cancer and sadly, not usually diagnosed until it has reached an advanced stage. It is also typically diagnosed in those aged 60 and over, so even rarer that i would have this at the age of 45.

Once i had my head around, and accepted my diagnosis, i longed to find other people who were either fighting or fought (and WON!) this disease. Somewhere i could read about their journeys; the treatments, emotions….anything that i could relate to or learn from.

there was NOTHING!

Luckily, through social media, i was able to connect with a couple of people of similar ages, who sadly, were also living and fighting this terrible disease. They were further along in their journey and their strength and support blew me away. I can’t convey the impact they have had on me.

Despite this being a rare cancer, unfortunately there will be others who will be delivered the devastating news they have bile duct cancer and for them, i want there to be somewhere they can turn to.

Not for statistics or the “facts” about this cancer, although there are links to pages i think you may find useful (and hopefully save you hours of internet searching) but somewhere to help you realise that although you may feel completely alone, you are not.

You’ve got this and i’ve got you!

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