New Campaign to Raise Awareness of Bile Duct Cancer

Today, it has come to my attention that there is a petition to raise awareness of Cholangiocarcinoma. Currently, the UK government has said there are no plans to run such a campaign.

Why on earth not?!

As somebody living with Cholangiocarcinoma, I knew absolutely nothing about this cancer when I was called into the hospital to receive my diagnosis. Take it from me, hearing you have cancer, let alone one is rarely acknowledged. Bile Duct Cancer is so aggressive, and the fear is compounded by a lack of knowledge and understanding.

It is terrifying.

Due to the symptoms – if you have any – bile duct cancer is usually identified in a patient at an advanced stage and therefore, treatment options are extremely limited and prognosis poor.

We are told that this is a rare cancer and compared to the more common cancers, I guess it is. But, I can tell you for certain, this affects a lot more people than you may think. I have spoken to many patients and their loved ones and seen countless stories from others who are dealing with this diagnosis.

Had I known about Cholangiocarcinoma, that niggle I experienced under my right rib would have pushed me to seek medical advice and support months before I finally did.

This needs to change. Please take a minute (at most, that is all it takes) to sign this petition. We need thousands of signatures but it can be done. Sharing this petition on social media could, potentially, reach hundreds of thousands, so please click on the link below.

I sincerely hope not, but you never know, you or a loved one may one day receive this devastating diagnosis.

Much love and strength,

Megan x

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