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Had a go at one of those trendy “buddha bowls” everyone’s been showing off on social media (including me now)…proper nice!

Eating when you have cancer can be tricky. My own appetite, whether through the illness itself, treatment or stress, has fluctuated a lot. In the first few months, I ate so well, increasing fruit and vegetables, I changed from vegetarian to vegan, cut out sugar as well as any processed foods, and ditched alcohol entirely.

However, from March to the end of April, when I was feeling particularly poorly, I was lucky to manage 4 grapes some days and as a result, and unsurprisingly, I lost a fair bit of weight. On the odd occasion, I did fancy something more substantial, it had little nutritional benefit to me other than to give me some energy.

As I have mentioned before, almost immediately after my diagnosis, I looked into the benefits of good nutrition in terms of healing from cancer and supporting my overall health (immune system, microbiome, anti-angiogenesis for example), so I became increasingly frustrated that no matter how important I knew eating well was, I just could not do it.

Each night, I promised myself that tomorrow I would definitely eat something nutritious, but then by the time morning came around, I just couldn’t do it. Luckily, almost as soon as I started my new treatment, Pemigatinib, things turned around and my appetite returned. Some of my choices have not been the best but I have learned to be a bit kinder to myself and if I don’t eat that nutrient-packed salad, the smoothie or that vitamin-rich juice, beating myself up about it is unhelpful and the stress I then put myself through for “failing” will have more of a negative impact on my health than the foods I was eating.

Apart from the very odd occasion, I did manage to abstain from sugar as cancer cells will grab allllll of that s**t to grow.

Thankfully, I am now adding more and more goodness into my diet again (hence photo brag above) and am definitely feeling so much better for it.

photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

If you haven’t looked into how the food we eat can help you when living with cancer, I strongly recommend you to click on the Useful Links page where I have listed websites full of easy-to-understand information from Chris Wark, cancer survivor, author, and health coach and Dr. William Li, president and a founder of the Angiogenesis Foundation and author of Eat To Beat Disease.

Do you use nutrition to support your healing? If so, which books, websites, or social media accounts have you found helpful?

Or maybe, no matter how much you would like to eat more and/or, better, you simply have no appetite?

Much love and strength

Megan x

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